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Awesome Modded Skyrim Game Save

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Thread: Awesome Modded Skyrim Game Save

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    Awesome Modded Skyrim Game Save

    This modded gamesave was made by Yasha over on youtube. Props go to him as Ive tried a few and I really like how his modded it. Its prob my favourite. On this one you are actually able to customise your character which isnt available on alot as they usually have most of the game completed already. Some of the things you can enjoy from this gamesave is in the list below.

    Stuff the modded game save has:
    :All levels of shout regeneration is zero. (In other words you can use it straight away multiple times)
    :All shouts are there but not unlocked (You start with 9999 Dragon Souls so unlock them straight away otherwise they reset to 1 after first Dragon slayed.
    :All spells including master spells.
    :All perks unlocked in every skill tree. (You still are Lvl 1 and you can still Lvl up)
    :Loads of Rare and Reward Weapons and Armour.
    :Loads of Money to but whatever you want.
    :All Locations are available on the map.
    :9999 Grand soul and Black soul Gems.
    :Azures Star and the Black Star.
    :99999 Deadric Arrows.
    :All the stuff you need for when your at the Blacksmith.
    :Some modded items with special enchantments (Like a chain that makes you invisible even when you attack).
    Theres more but this was all I could remember from the top of my head.

    You will need:
    The modded Gamesave - [Dear Guest/Member you can't see link before replyclick here to register]
    Modio or Horizon (Google it)
    A Usb configured to use on XBOX360.

    Tutorial for installing gamesave

    If you like his stuff why not sub his page, im sure he would appreciate it.
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